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A deligent approach to propel and impel growth with our customized and tailor made solutions for SMBs.

  • How we do ?

    Since inception, web has been very dynamic in nature with technological advancements, changing consumer behavior leading to changes in design philosophies and adaptation in strategic majors taken by companies on all front. Companies with resources and right partners always found it easier to adapt and grow however SMBs were always left behind due to unavailability of either financial resources or expert guidance.

    iCore has always helped to bridge the gap by providing most suitable, tailor made, and affordable web solution to the SMBs across the globe. With our user centered design processes, our focus has always been to make business's online presence work as a growth catalyst. With result driven and performance measurement philosophy, we work using best design and development practices/guidelines to deliver better accessibility, quantify the results and ensure client's customer delight.

iconWe provide following web solution to SMBs:

  • Custom Website design and development
  • Market analysis and revamping solution
  • Microsite design and development
  • WAP enabled website development
  • Online marketing and advertising consulting
  • Web/Cloud based ERP SaaS

  • Our engagement starts with requirement gathering, analyzing the market, business model, current industry trends, consumer behavior, marketing and advertising requirement and most importantly competitor's analysis. Based on results, we devise a strategy of creating the online presence or revamping of the same for brands/companies.

    With the Internet available on mobile phones, it naturally becomes necessary for your website to be designed for optimal viewing on mobile phones and other handheld devices. Technology that enables this function is Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), which is used to design and develop websites so they can be accessed on handheld devices. The combination of WAP and the use of small file sizes help to create a streamlined version of your existing web site, specifically designed to function quickly and reliably on wireless devices.

    iCore provides WAP enabled website development allowing your web site to be seen on portable devices with WAP Design. Now you can enable your visitors to seamlessly navigate, research and purchase products or services on your WAP Websites all while on the move.

    Online marketing and advertising has evolved over a decade and so has associated cost. There are many avenues and ways companies can promote themselves with better ROI however with lack of knowledge, spending money on PPC ads and social ads seems to be the only satisfaction companies derive without actually exploiting all mean and resources available. We help companies devise an online marketing and adverting plan which is in sync with their current branding efforts. Focus is always to minimize the cost with optimization of efforts which leads to better return on online ad spend and social media optimization efforts.

    Using social media, We help you get closer to your existing customer base by engaging them, understand/listen to them and make you work towards customer delight and improved customer services thus improved CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE as a consequence.

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