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Outsourcing at iCoreOutsourcing at iCore

iCore focus On Core Activities to derive cost efficiency, better ROI and improved business performance by collaborating and outsourcing.

  • It’s easy to be small and good, but how can we outsource to get a company large enough to make a difference while still maintaining your mission ? At iCore your non-core is our core. iCore share the same need for agility and fast decision-making to stay relevant and prepare entreprenuers to meet the demands they will face. Many SMB's are addressing this challenge and iCore is a one stop for all your needs that are succesfully resolved and is the final destination where collaboration and communication has become effortless.

    it is quite easy to manage and associate with virtual employees. iCore associates with SMBs to individuals for their product concept realization and implementation to managing their IT infrastructure requirement by transferring your noncore processes to a company which has those noncore processes as their core competency.

iconThe key benefits that you derive by associating with us are as follows:

  • Expertise and technical competency
  • Cost efficiency
  • Flexibility, scalability and focus on core activities
  • Highly skilled teams
  • Communication and reliability

We provide outsourcing services in various verticals and skill sets.

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