iCore eSolutions Pvt. Ltd. iCore eSolutions Pvt. Ltd.

iconiOS(iPhone/iPad) Technologies

Grasp a striking platter of Brilliant Business opportunities with our iOS applications, games and learning solutions.

  • iCore takes tremendous efforts to specific attention to usability and engineering and development practices that results in a secure robust and userfriendly application or game. A keen emphasis is always initiated to enhance application or game performance flawlessly, and iCore cannot afford to ruin its reputation so a smart approach is always maintained to assure product satisfaction iCore excel and updates its skilset to keep a pace in the upcoming industry trend, to provide technological edge to our clients.

iconiCore's Intense range of iOS development services includes:

  • Application prototyping
  • Custom development
  • Game development
  • Re-design for iPhone-to-iPad application migration and porting etc.

Our team pays special attention to communication and requirement analysis in order to understand project complexity which leads to the foundation of a great application/game and helps in creating long term value for the end user of the application as well as our clients.

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