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Each day is a new canvas to paint on, Step into a new world of Web and Smartphones to make it productive and Fun

  • 6 billion people spend their lives productive and fun filled through mobiles which made their lives convenient and enjoyable, And so-on. It is increasingly obvious that if you want to reach a global audience, one of the best ways to do so is via smart phones.

    Communications were a problem until mobile phones arrived, and now they are pretty close to ubiquitous in some regions. The smart phone creators hope that the smart phone application will ultimately provide young people with increased access to education, health resources and jobs needs making their lives easy, fun and not restrictive, all through their phones. And of course, by enabling them to stay better connected with each other across international borders. Mobile based learning solutions are the new way to teach and entertain. Combination of workforce demographics, mobile device capabilities, and organizational readiness is making Mobile Learning a reality in many markets.

iconMobile Learning means a lot of different things to different people/Organizations however today it is clear that Mobile Learning involves a lot more things than just delivering eLearning on smartphones. Mobile Learning involves a number of key factors:

  • Portability / Mobility
  • Personalized Access
  • Proximity to point of performance
  • Context and location-aware content
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Both formal and informal models

iconiCore has extensive expertise to develop following solutions in M-Learning space:

  • Micro Courses - Very short courses (typically 2-5 min) can be delivered on mobiles as follow-up summaries to a classroom or e-learning session. "Grab a bite" learning!
  • Mobile Games - It can be a fun based interactive game or quiz based survey to gauge performances or to check periodic knowledge of employees/students.
  • Mobile Videos - Short and specific video lesson which can be targeted for any purpose. From fun and entertainment to inspiring, it can work as a catalyst to rejuvenation. Great as refresher, for performance support, or for company communication.
  • M-Books - Short and very specific story based learning tool which can be used for compliance training, policy updates etc.

Mobile learning space still is at a very nascent stage and is sure to mature in coming years especially in corporate domain where travel time will become productive as never before. To know how we can assist you, please Write to Us.

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