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A vital need is mandatory to get identified and stay orderly in todays business world.

  • A vital need is mandatory to get identified and stay orderly in todays business world. Modern business organizations religiously practice routine process of carrying a yearly budgeting, devise sales forecast and allocate a budget for Marketing Efforts. This routine practice however is very complex by analyzing the consumer behavior, as some of them get into diversified verticals like advertising efforts and some into promotion. Here Icore conceptualize by finding the prospect and converting the existing organization that has become accustomed by giving them a breakthrough concepts of starting a new online marketing for these prospects.

    Through power of word and the penetration of online marketing, were able to create a buzz that no AD campaign ever could and at some unbelievable cost thus making the people a midway.

iconOnline marketing offered numerous advantages over traditional media vis:

  • A direct One to one effective communication
  • Real time consumer behavior tracking and optimizing strategies accordingly
  • Least waste as the target segment is already identified
  • Delivering rich animated TV ads like experiences at minimal cost

Team iCore has seen the up and rise of Online marketing and is competent to identify the strategic decision required to make a business successful in online world. We follow simple step by step process in order to identify the loopholes, scope of improvement and thus devise strategy.

iconFollowed is our approach:

  • Collaborate and Brainstorm – Gather, analyze, study, and listen
  • Explore – Formulate, translate, architect, and recommend
  • Construct – Implement, design, code and program
  • Implement – Execute, test, and launch
  • Refine – Measure, evaluate, and improve

With the rise of Open Source technologies and evolvement in technology has changed the market dynamics with respect to cost, time and interaction of system owner with various modules of the system.

iCore's short term as well as long term strategic vision is to add value and help you plan and execute in a more pragmatic way.

iconiCore adds value to your business by using following online marketing initiatives and practices:

  • Content Value Analysis
  • Visitor Behavior Analysis
  • Referral Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Viral Marketing
  • Affiliate evaluation, analysis and strategic consulting

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