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icon SaaS Technologies (Software as a Service)

New channels of revenue to transfer your business models by implementing New Technologies.

  • A modernized business operation is the talk of the town across the globe. "Access Anywhere" is no more restricted to large enterprise. SaaS has revolutionized the way businesses operate today. It has not only made the system cost efficient, more productive but also has opened arenas for entrepreneurs to implement their business concepts and ideas .iCore's hand in hand of experience in SaaS Technology has always tried to bridge the gaps in business processes, dig out their existed few in Legacy software and applications e.g. : -

  • Cost of acquisition/Licensing fee
  • Set-up cost and management resources
  • Maintenance, training, upgrade cost and infrastructure overheads
  • Difficulties in integration of Legacy software/Application etc.

The ability to access the software as a service helped speed the adoption of email and CRM over the last decade and a half. If you are looking to take your existing product to the cloud model, iCore team will collaborate with you and offer consultancy in developing a distinct architecture. iCore insists the adoption of cloud computing to bring renewed focus to the Software as a Service (SaaS) application delivery model. Our major focus is to educate SMBs on SaaS and why it is an attractive option for application delivery for the SMB. We are open to any kind of consultation to understand what SaaS is, how it works and why it makes business sense.

Software as a Service

This results in an overall lower total cost of ownership, and avoids large capital outlays in favor of lower operating expenses. And, there isn't a huge sunk cost, After the subscription or contract period ends, the customer is free to terminate.

Our SaaS offerings include:

iconSaaS life cycle services

  • SaaS development
  • SaaS testing
  • SaaS re-architecture and integration
  • SaaS maintenance – upgrade and support

iconSaaS transition services

  • SaaS enabling consulting
  • Web enabling on-premise applications
  • Single-instance to multi-instance transition
  • Transition to multi-tenancy
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