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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

BOOST your Business by opting iCore's Educational and Industrial ERP solutions.

  • iconWhat is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business solution that helps any industry, organization, Educational Institute, Medical Care organization etc. to organize its back office functions like operations, product planning, sales, marketing, product outsourcing, manufacturing processes, data management etc. in an automatic way through integrated applications combined in software.

  • iconWhat are ERP Modules ?

    Any ERP consists of various modules that are combined to form single software. Each and every module is developed and dedicated to handle for work specific processes.

    For example

    In an educational ERP there will be various modules to handle Finance, Admission, Library, Hostel, Transport etc. Similarly in an Industrial ERP modules dedicated to Finance, manufacturing, quality control, export/import etc. will be dedicated to handle each and every area of work.

    It is these modules that perform an automated backend process and keep the whole system running in an efficient way.

  • iconiCore's ERP

  • Educational ERP

    Education CRM by iCore eSolutions provides for an Educational institute many facilities in terms of sales force management, student management, lead tracking, Our Educational CRM improves the customer responsiveness by representing a proper view of the customer life cycle for the Student Acquisition to your educational institute or University.

    It is designed to be extremely cost effective for acquisition on every student of a university/school/institute, than compared to manual work as leads or inquiry may lost or missed if proper follow up is not done. Keeping in mind one of the critical point for acquiring the student with proper follow up, iCore eSolutions offers you with Customized CRM software where the scope of error is negligible as automatic reminders are sent to both Management as well as students, from the inquiry stage till the fee payment inventory is distributed to students etc.

    This customer relationship management software has already been implemented for some of the leading Institutes which offer various educational courses such as management studies, medical hotel management etc. This software allows you with automatic updates to the students with the help of sms, Emails etc. and to the Executive in terms of Dashboards, Pending activities, Pop- up windows.

    iCore’s CRM solution connects each & every department of an educational institute to each other for better MIS sharing & fast retrieval of information to help in prompt decision making by the institute’s management. For schools who believe in empowering its teachers, students and parents, by enabling seamless communication among its stake-holders, iCore’s CRM is a user-friendly platform which not only allows a smooth flow of information, but also establishes a network within the organization. Industry Standards: iCore CRM suite is fully compliant with all existing affiliating board directives. The system allows users to quickly produce reports conforming to the board formats.

    Industrial ERP

    iCore’s Industrial ERP on Cloud is an end-to-end solution that includes Financial Management, Manufacturing, Human Capital Management, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Process Control, Advanced Planning & Scheduling, Project Management and Analytics. Since the solution is available on Cloud, you do not have to spend on what you will not be using. You can decide which solutions you want to use, scale up, and add more solutions as your business grows. The result is that your investments are always intensified.

    iCore’s ERP on Cloud allows you to completely automate your business end-to-end. You can access a 360 degree view of your business, anytime, from anywhere. We help you to function your business on a single platform on the Cloud. You can drive innovation across the value chain, improve efficiency, and reduce costs and time to market. An analytical judgment to decide whether you just want a quick glimpse of what is happening in your business at a particular time, or drill down to the intricate details.

    Since iCore’s ERP on Cloud gives you the freedom to access information from any part of the globe at the click of a browser you may access from any web device. This allows you to monitor, manage and execute tasks even when you are on the move.

    iCore’s ERP on Cloud is compatible with multiple currencies, languages, and accounting SOP’s (Standard Operation Procedures) followed across the globe. With our solution, you can be assured that your business is portable and have no trouble fitting into any country.

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