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Mobile is changing business dynamics. Thought of converting Emerging Mobile Technologies into Business opportunity ?

  • Mobile Phones have become foundational to how companies deliver products or services and interact with customers. Business dynamics is fueled by the rise of ubiquitous connectivity, 4G networks and cloud computing.

    As the economy improves, so are the odds of starting a successful new business, Apps, websites, e-commerce, they've become must-haves for any business. Your business plan is where it all starts and If you're looking for a great new business idea, There's no denying the global marketplace is growing and reaching beyond the imagination iCore helps organizations to adapt and adopt to this new wave by developing cutting edge mobile based application and learning solutions thus making your smart gadget a gold mine.

    iCore Mobile Development Process

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    Mobile Learning Solutions
    With its various mobile learning solutions, iCore is dedicated to empower, engage and teach "On the move" employee to children playing with their smart phones to a traveler seeking learning oriented fun.

    Mobile Application Development
    iCore is committed to providing leading-edge mobile and smart-phone application development services at affordable costs to our global customers. Application could be of enterprise level as well as normal fun, informative or navigation based.
    Mobile Game Development
    iCore helps clients in realization of their Game concept by implementing idea in a smooth and user friendly manner. We assist in sketching, evolving, designing and developing a whole range of mobile games that can be played on Smartphones.

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