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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)EDU X1- School management software.

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  • iconEDU X1- School management software.

    To run any educational organization you require perfect large scale management and hassle-free administration. Managing any educational institute is now by no means a simple task. Changing times have brought huge expectations and to achieve that an organisation requires various tasks and activities on a continuing basis. This has made everything tedious and complex as it requires careful planning so that there must be systematic approach towards students, teachers, staff and parents. To overcome any hiccups and any form of mismanagement an organisation requires a super administrator that can handle each and every task or activity on day to day basis automatically and smoothly. An administrator ready to perform 24x7 and capable enough to help students – parents and powerful enough to handle organisation's staff needs.

    EDU X-1 is the super administrator you need for your school or college as it offers you the power to control the whole administration from anywhere and anytime. EDU X1 is a cloud-based management administrator which means that you can access the information and run your commands anywhere from the globe. To find out how - take a look below -

    Here is a sneak peek of Core Module that constructs the entire EDU X-1

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      Fully loaded and Customized Administrator and organizer

      All you need is one click to manage the entire portfolio and organisation. Manage students, staff and teachers from one place. Plan out the annual academic schedule, calendar, customize time tables and more.
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      Teacher's Admin and Organizer

      Teachers can simplify their everyday task with help of integrated tools and empower themselves to teach better. With help of web-based tools, teachers can upload and collect assignments online, schedule exams, publish specific notes, track attendance, organize field trips and can even communicate students personally if-required.
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      Student / Parent Organizer

      Students can access extracurricular activities, performance reports, announcements, apply for leaves, submit assignments through their portal. This portal will also help parents to keep a track on their child and volunteer opportunities by following their child's academic performance and attendance.

EDU X-1 Module Knocked Down -

  • Admission related inquiry
  • Admission Form
  • Direct link to student means you can convert inquiry into confirmation
  • Benefit your organisation with online admission structure
  • Follow details of every admission
  • Complete access of student's profile
  • Complete access of guardian details
  • Upload, Edit or reject (duplicate or err) any document
  • Bulk upload or circulate any Student related data whenever required
  • Auto ID, enrollment number, roll number generation
  • Manage everyday attendance
  • Repeat attendance if required
  • Subject wise attendance in special case
  • Quick attendance
  • Generate Yearly/Monthly/Weekly attendance reports
  • Reflect attendance percentage
  • Auto SMS to absentees without information
  • Setup your fees categorically as per requirement
  • Student wise fees management with addition or concession in special cases
  • Configure multiple receipt book
  • Generate receipt automatic
  • Auto alert SMS after payment
  • Account Mapping
  • Student wise comprehensive reports with highlighted sections if any
  • Combine marks converter
  • Cumulative Grade reflection
  • User defined marksheet structure
  • Auto stats
  • Colorful Graphical representation
  • Recruitment to retirement management for each employee
  • Manage full employee details like personal detail, job details, registration details or any other customized basic as well as flagged detail
  • Auto employee ID generation with auto employee year on year report
  • Manage Employees attendance with auto report generation
  • Custom employee search
  • Custom payrolls for various departments
  • Auto Tax deduction
  • Auto PF deduction
  • Auto Payroll Slip generation
  • Annual and monthly payroll reports
  • Custom design template
  • Leave certificate
  • Bonafide certificate
  • Character certificate
  • Transfer certificate
  • Transcript
  • Custom Scholarship for various students in different streams
  • Manage Students eligible for scholarships
  • Manage Scholarship amount received / paid
  • Auto scholarships report generation
  • Custom timetable with auto shuffle
  • Custom limits per subject
  • Subject Limit Alert
  • Teacher occupancy alert
  • Separate Timetable for Students and Teachers
  • Daily Classwork updates
  • Assign homework
  • Manage Syllabus – Chapter wiseA/Topic wise/ Class wise
  • Insta Notice
  • Performance Graphs
  • Academic progress report
  • Manage Roll Number
  • Manage Exam/Result
  • Manage Exam Type
  • Assign Subject
  • Exam Topic Management
  • Promote / Discontinue Student
  • Maintain visitor logbook
  • Visitor Check-in and Check-out
  • Reference/purpose details
  • Gate Pass generation
  • Generate events/upcoming activities
  • Event enrollment management
  • Custom School Calendar with mentioned Holidays/programs
  • Manage number of Vehicles
  • Manage Type of Vehicles
  • Manage Vehicle Registration and Insurance renewal
  • Manage Driver details

EDU X-1 Power at Your Fingertips

Data Management

With help of powerful mind-crafted algorithm, EDU X-1 can process complex tasks into very simple equations which allows you to do -

  • Manage Everything from a single Dashboard
  • Generate Standard Reports anytime, every time.
  • Customise reports as per your convenience
  • Analyse Data with help of simple stats reflected in the form graphs and designs.
  • Import Data and store offline in the simplest form for presentational or any other purposes.

Integrate EDU X-1 as per you specific need

EDU X-1 is so flexible and adaptive that it can be customized and mind-crafted specifically to meet the requirement of your Organisation.

  • Fully Web based integration of apps and/or devices
  • SMS integration
  • Biometric Device integration
  • Customized Electronic OMR Sheets for online examination
  • Cloud based examination for distant centers
  • Dynamic Website synchronized with EDU X-1
  • Online Payment facility

Enhance dynamic ability of your Students with EDU X-1

It is said that - "Students are the most powerful tool for any educational organisation, only if you can craft and shape them with diamond spear of rightful motives."

EDU X-1 can work as diamond spear for students of your organisation. You can easily engage your Students and encourage them to take part in so many activities online and offline with help of EDU X-1.

  • Circulate motivating News among students daily with help of dynamic News Updater
  • Organise online and offline discussions on important topics and encourage students to take part in the discussion through EDU X-1
  • Throw a dynamic poll among students to allow them to improve and enhance environment inside the campus.
  • Encourage students to write blog through dynamic blogger and get the best out of your student's thoughts.
  • Maintain discipline inside campus through online public disciplinary board.
  • Maintain online gallery of your campus and ask students to submit their pictures.
  • Alert any student via SMS or E-mail for anything specific.

Some snapshots of EDU X-1 representing how easy it is to operate

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