iCore eSolutions Pvt. Ltd. iCore eSolutions Pvt. Ltd.

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We help you align your IT and Online Business strategy to boost a competitive edge and enhance optimum growth.

  • iCore thrives constantly to make you collaborative, efficient and flexible to stay competitive in the world of technology consumerism, We synergize to give our clients end to end services starting from product engineering to online brand management. iCore helps you in concept realization and fills the gap with its product engineering services and with a deep focus on product architecture which are robust and scalable.

    Our objective is to devise campaigns to boost customer attention, talent acquisition and retention.

  • Product Engineering
    iCore provides world class product engineering consulting and development services to SMBs and startups to achieve the desired business objectives, by following best of usability engineering practices, development methodologies while providing through professional environment to client.
    Online Marketing
    iCore's online consulting team helps businesses in making strategic decisions required to make a successful brand in online world. With simple step by step process, we provide strategic guidance and implementation to differentiate and sustain the differentiation in short and long term.
    Online Advertising
    iCore provides online advertising consulting by performing comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis of your application/site in order to assess and evaluate the visitor's behavioral pattern and steps required to make customer follow desired action and thus outcome..

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