• Intensify and Stimulate
    stable Business Growth

    Anything less is losing you money. iCore have Complete automation which is essential to streamline. Whether its increasing profitability, or achieving audacious revenue goals, iCore is at the heart of everything that offer innovative IT business solutions to reduce costs, to save time, and to help build better customer relationships.

    iCore Product Engineering
  • Mobile & Tablet Application Development

    iPhone, iPad, Android & Microsoft... we can help drive your mobile strategy whatever the platform.

  • We Understand our clients

    As developers we understand each and every client and projects unique. Our user-focused vision offer our clients to have an accurate picture of using our customized websites to run their businesses, so that it becomes an effective part of their overall marketing and corporate identity. Our clients expectations are a huge factor in determining their level of satisfaction with our work, and we know exactly what is expected and our challenging approach are the key factors of getting to know more about clients at the start of a project to the end result of the project.

  • iCore ERP (SaaS)
    is fully customizable according to your needs

    iCore's all Cloud based SaaS ERP's are fully customizable according to your needs, All the SaaS ERP's are designed in such a way that it can be modified in each and every aspect which suites your business, Customization can be design related or custom module / software related, you name it.

  • Our cloud thinking
    process creates unlimited possibilities

    With iCore's cloud and SaaS product, we roll out features that have incremental low-effort process, so that new features will be rapidly added for the vast majority of users, and the majority of uses, offering a new set of features that desktop-installed applications would find it extremely difficult to replicate, by collaboration, sharing and automatic backups.

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    What We Do ? How We Do ?

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    Application Development

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    We know what you need

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    Easy to customize ERP SaaS

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    Infinite modules

iconBenefits of iCore's Web/Cloud based SaaS ERP:

  • Access from anywhere
  • No software install/upgrade
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Minimal capital expenditures
  • Easy Switch to SaaS
  • No IT resources required
  • Automatic updates
  • Scale resources quickly
  • Visually appealing dolor
  • Unlimited Users Support
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